On Narcissism and Internet Dragons

March 12, 2011

So part of being a blogger is the firm conviction that you have something to say and people should want to listen to it. There’s also the implication that you have something new to say, but I would like to think my narcissism is more realistic in scope. I will, doubtless, say things many people have said before me. I can only hope that I either say it in a new way, a funny way, or in a way to reach a different audience than the ones that have heard it before.

To that end, I understand I will mostly rant, rave, and carry on into a void. And, like the ocean, a few of my messages in bottles may eventually reach others. If you have found this bottle; hello! Stay on the shore. I will try to send more your way.

I also understand the value of a good concept; blogs without some focus are generally blogs that lose traction quickly. On the other end of the scale, blogs that are too specific tend to run out of things to talk about just as fast. So, on this blog, I will talk about slaying internet dragons. First however, you all, who don’t live in my head (which is a wonderful, fantastic place) need to know what I mean by “internet dragons.”

I mean this in a few senses. First is, in a nut shell, a World of Warcraft sense. The best way to get a feel for this would be to visit this post from Shades of Grey. You don’t need to know anything about WoW to get it; just look at the images and the ALL CAPS text. Slaying internet dragons is why I play WoW, and a lot of other games as well. Slaying internet dragons is epic and I wish to write about it.

I also mean internet dragons in a sense I’ve yet to see before; internet dragons are the massive amounts of hate, homophobia, sexism, etc., that plague the areas of the internet I visit and much of our IRL world as well. An internet dragon is ignorance, laid bare and open for all to see. These internet dragons make me angry, are not epic, and I and my clue-by-four will attempt to dispense the great power of education in hopes of slaying one or two. Or at least making for some great case studies for my third love and passion.

Trolls. I love trolls, and trolling, and flame wars, and internet drama. I love it. I can’t express to you how much I enjoy watching people get trolled, intentionally or not. Oh, I call it an interest in internet anthropology and I’ll make plenty of academic references and dress it up in intellectualism all I can, but let me just be honest at the front: I am laughing at your e-pain.

Yes, some of the internet drama makes me angry. Angry enough to rant about it on a blog, in fact. Mostly, though, internet drama makes my damn day. As such, in one post, you will see me laughing my ass off about RaceFail 09, and in the next, I will post lengthy thoughts on the poor response of Penny Arcade to the Dickwolves Debacle. These posts may very well be on the same day. You’ll need to learn to roll with it. And I will link to this first entry for the inevitable attempt to call me out for saying, “TITS OR GTFO” to someone who comments on an eventual Women in Gaming post.

It’ll happen. Mark my words.


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